How I finally went through the lockdown period.

So the year 2020 pulled a fast one on us, lol… who would have guessed that ill be blogging about Covid19 and its effect on everything in July. So a lot has happened in the past months, oh yeah, its been a crazy number of months but ill let you in on the good stuff.

The haze of Covid19 started in February, This was when i went on vacation to celebrate my birthday (baby girl needed a break yo, PS; ill write about this trip in another post), Vacay pictures will be in another blog post ☺.

Arriving, i noticed a lot of people particularly Asians in facemasks, (being a tourist city, its allowed to see a lot of foreigners trooping in and out of the city) it was a bit weird knowing that i had come across the news of Corona Virus briefly in Nigeria before embarking on the trip. It was at this time i knew this virus thing was real.

Across the globe, Lockdown were announced, a lockdown was announced in Nigeria as well in March and it seemed like a good time to get the well needed rest i had escaped for the longest , also it was a perfect time to get my fit on, after all the sugar-high i got during my trip and also since the gyms were out of reach. I should say, getting my fit on this period has been one of my proudest journeys, it was all worth it. and yeah, i had a door in my house that suffered for these pictures.

Whats amazing about this is that i still go on walks up-till now, ill share a few of my workout pictures below, So i heard that theres two type of people that will come out of the lockdown, i am glad im among the fit ones.

What new healthy habits did you pickup during the lockdown?

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