Happy new year lovers,

We made it Guys!!! Are we blessed or what?

I’m trying to restrain myself from talking about the new year and my birthday and blah blah blah …😊😊😊😊😊😊

Yes…February 8th is around the corner again…(yall come back here). And I have zero plans..like zilch. I had a thought but I just shrugged it cos I don’t feel up to it.

(I’ll talk about it soon enough)

I digress.🤣

So happy new year to all of you that have put up with my scanty blogging …I’m throwing a thousand kisses to you.

May the year 2019 outshine 2018…and may you have extreme reasons to smile and celebrate this year.

I have written down a lot to do this year and I hope to follow through. Like really follow through. GOD BEING MY GUIDE.

I hope you have plans written, deadlines, methods etc…its a chance to start a new one.

I listened to some saying today..

Dont try to prove, IMPROVE

And I’m running with this.

In the era of socials, we try to prove what we aren’t to impresses those that really cant be bothered.

Never been my style but iv chosen to apply this to every aspect of my life. No pressure… just have a mark for IMPROVEMENT.

I want to have to look back at the end of 2019 and know that I have totally stepped up on every pedestal set.

I hope you do too…

From my heart to yours… Enjoy the new year.


Bhotchocolate ❤

And suddenly you know its time to start something new, and trust the magic of new beginnings.

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