Visit to Gurara falls

Hi guys,

So yesterday, Saturday 23rd of June 2018 has got to be one of the most fun iv had in a loong time… who would have guessed.

I’m so excited to post about this because it was an afterthought of well deserved escape from work…and was totally worth it.

My fitness family Bodyrox Fitness studio was planning this trip to Gurara Water falls and I was just kinda passive about it. Because Me 😞

The trip was scheduled for Saturday Morning and By friday night i just put a call across to our General/ Minister of Fitness (well deserved title if you ask me) if there was still a slot….and yayyy!!! That was how I got on this trip.

Early Saturday morning, I couldn’t wait to go and play games,and just relax in nature…Yea, and as always…nature happened. It rained throughout the journey..well almost throughout.🤣🤣🤣

The trip from Abuja by bus was scheduled to leave by 10am, we left 11ish and was supposed to be a 1hour 30 minutes trip but we took a detour to the Gurara Dam (not intentional but was fun nonetheless) which is about 30 minutes thereabout from the Waterfall.

We got to the Waterfall at about 4:05pm.

The driver was just not the best driver for a trip…😩

Any who…We got to the water fall which starts at the top part of a walkway. At this point, you can see the Waterfall from a distance..and it was raining like crazy…but there was no going back from here.

Afterwards we went down a long row of stairs.. this part was scary. You feel like any mistake and you’ll slip and go tumbling down the stairs…

So I jejely behaved myself. I didn’t even try to pulling stunt or form any selfie or vide anything while walking lol

But stopped to take these 😉

Then we got to the bottom of the stairs…and that was the very fun part…from here we could see the mighty current of the water and the rush… Nature is indeed beautiful.🏞🏖🌦🌩

Then there was this video that I wasn’t a part of.

Then the journey back up the hill started…. I was totally drenched in rain at this time.

Up up up the stairs.

Took an “I made it back to the top” picture.

Oh I had so much funnnnnn… the music on the way home was Surreal.

Even though once I got home, I had to suppress my cold with a very warm bath and two cups of honey lemon and ginger tea.

Thanks to Bodyrox Team and Rox Tours for this wonderful trip….let’s do this again.

Gurara falls, Niger State…Check. ✔

Talk soon…


Bhotchocolate ❤

What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.

~ Juliette Binoche