NARS Super Orgasm Blush Review




I’ve officially been the world’s worst blogger. I’ve had a hectic few days and haven’t been able to get the time or light to blog and take photos. It’s been horrible and I didn’t realise a week away would make me miss it so much. I’m so glad to be back to normal and kick startin’ with a good old review.
NARS are famous for their blushers (and dirty names), which is why I wanted to venture out and try some new colours. The original Orgasm blusher is beautiful but maybe a teeny bit light for me and I wanted a version which packs more punch, that’s where Super Orgasm sparked my curiosity. It’s a slightly bolder version that the original with very vivid specs of gold glitter in it which alarmed me at first. These specs thankfully don’t transfer to the cheeks and instead you just get this gorgeous…

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Mascara Showdown




If there’s one item of make-up I love to constantly experiment with, it’s mascara. It needs to be replaced regularly due to drying out, so it gives you the perfect opportunity to test new ones every time – I don’t even think I’ve ever found one holy grail mascara that I’ll always stick to either, I’ve just found a tonne of them that I absolutely love for different reasons.
I’ve done a similar post to this in the past but thought it was time for an update on my current favourites.

Sublime De Chanel Mascara
A long-time love of mine and an all round brilliant purchase – the Chanel Sublime mascara. It adds incredible length and doesn’t make my lashes clump whatsoever no matter how much I pack on. It’s worth the price tag due to it not drying out fast, but then it’s still a lot for a mascara.

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