My French tips mani

Let’s talk nails…

Nails just have a way of getting the attention (immediately after a girl’s face) little wonder the ladies don’t play with their nail appointments. Some nails can be pretty tasteless, some slightly overdone but the French tips and the red nails have been here and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.
I love it when I see a girl with good nails, it just simply tells a lot about her. Even though most of us have it busy, we should take time out to keep them neat. There’s nothing wrong in going natural/ bare.
Personally, I love me some red nails, but that gets boring after some time. So I try to spice it up.

I don’t really do a lot of salon nail fixing unless really necessary, I have fun with my ‘at-home’ nail painting even though there’s so little I can do on nail designs, it’s easier and more economical if I do need to change my nails every two-three days. Also I have the worlds softest nails (there should be a world record for that cos I sure would win) so whenever I fix, it takes me up to 6 months to get my healthy looking nails back…maybe not totally worth it.

I decided to play around my nails yesterday, to do my own “local” French tips (Nigerian tip if you may lol) and please ignore the stunted nails.
For this look, I used beautyUK gift set No 3 in Urban girl (The peachy colour and the white) And milani nail treatment Glosse topcoat.

(Sorry no step by step pictures)





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