BlackBerry contest

Hi guys…

How would you like to win up to 13,000 naira worth of Recharge card each at the End of The week???

Cool right???

We are going on a fast lane this week…

1st stop … Capture IT.

From Today to Friday 8th of November,all you need to do is

Take a cool picture of yourself in front of any BlackBerry® logo You can find… On the Streets, in a Shop, Billboards, Roadside Advert..anywhere they see a BlackBerry® sign or Logo.

1) Take the Picture of yourself with the logo (as creative and Funky. as possible)
2) Send the picture with Title “Capture IT” to along with your Phone number,BB pin, Twitter handle, Network used.
3) Tweet your picture with #BBGeneration

The first 20 creative pictures get 3,000 Naira worth of Recharge card on saturday 9th November.

Entries for “Capture IT” Closes on Friday.

2ndly … Rap, Rhyme, Sing.(RRS)

5 lucky writers will get 10,000 naira worth of Recharge card each.

All You need to do is

* Create a 30 seconds to 1 minute video Clip with a song, rap, or rhyme Composed for BlackBerry®. ( Not less than 30 seconds and not more than 1 minute)

*The Video must have an element of either Singing, Raping, Rhyming, Or all three. Make it as Creative as possible

* Send with Subject : Rap, Rhyme,sing (RRS) to . Name,Send with Phone number, network you use, BB Pin and twitter handle

The winners will be announced on Sunday 10th November

For more info on the contest…

Follow @bhotchocolateon twitter.

Or add 28EA7336 on BBM

Good luck Guys

BlackBerry®… Keep Moving


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