Purple-y kind of fun.

Colours Colours Colours…

I can only imagine a lady wearing just white or black wears everyday , life cant be that boring. Colours have always been a way of expressing our moods and thoughts.

I remember growing up when my favorite colour was blue…just because I felt like a tomboy at that point in my life and never really wanted it be a “pink” lover like my kid sister. She loved pink so much, I think almost half her wardrobe was clothes in colour pink. Lol

Then I got to another stage where my favorite colour became red… Yea, I was getting a bit more comfortable being in a girl’s body… And I had one super-splendid red crop-top. That had to be my most perfect top ever.

Then, the era where everything I loved was in chocolatey brown colour, yea,I can’t believe it too that I ever went through that phase..lol

And then I had the black phase ☻ we all went through this phase… Black is indeed slimming.

Well, I am of the school of thought that favorite Colours change according to our mood, the point in our lives, age, mental state, some favorite fashion pick…etc.

My favorite Colours of late have been yellow, mustard and the great Purple. I think the colour purple has lived the longest in my head because my love for it has been off and on….I refuse to let go. And following that purple is the colour of royalty…who wouldn’t want a taste of royalty in their wardrobe?

Below I’ll share a few purple-y favorites(might include lilac and maroon). Either personal or from the Internet. Enjoy













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