Alone with my thoughts

I have always loved fashion, street fashion that is… And I was wondering what it would be like to actually sit on a sewing machine and actualize the dream of sewing a lovely dress. But then, due process…

The thought of having to go and learn for between 6 month and a year kills me… Why do I have to learn sewing for that long? I believe I’m very creative and already have a few basics figured out in the sewing “area” ,special thanks to Mrs Ajayi,My home Economics teacher in secondary school,who made it examination points to sew a petticoat,with a needle and thread…and wear it.

How can I forget the awful sky blue color,with the random ugly colors for decorating? Well, I eventually came out as one of the best since I was skinny and mine “luckily” was easy to wear….

Anyways,back to my dream of sewing…I think I’ll just give myself a break and try it out … And since no one knows when ASUU plans to call off this strike… It won’t be a bad idea.

Maybe I should just brush up my skills with the needle first … I sure will publish what I needle-sew in the next few days.

Toddles, Berries.


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